Top 25 Online Business Directories

Top 20 Online Business Directories you must need to know

There are online business directories and every business needs to know where to list them. You probably already know the importance of managing your business’s online presence (and listings), but there are many directories and websites to list.

Which online business directory should you list the business to get the best ROI? Listing a business in Google, Facebook, Bing as well as other online directories is great but which of the following means investing time and effort to add/claim a local business listing?

Below is a list of the top 25 online business directories (2022).

  1. Google

Google’s GMB is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including search and mapping. By verifying and editing business directory listing information, you can help customers find a business through their local search. This is one of the white-label services offered by our in-house digital marketing agency.

Alexa Rank: 1

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why should businesses be listed as GMB?

Businesses need to be listed on Google because it is a large online local directory, passing a large volume of users to the site (175 million a month in the United States alone!), It can improve search engine page rankings, businesses can show in local searches including keywords. , A business is easily found on Google Maps and is an affordable form of local marketing. It is difficult to say in one breath! Really, though, who needs to believe that they need to be listed on Google?

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a social media website that doubles as a place to list your business. Here, users can create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and follow their favorite businesses and brands. Companies create business profiles that users can follow.

Alexa Rank: 4

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Facebook

Posting a business on the site is free, and millions of unique US visitors are more than enough to justify creating or claiming a business presence. Users can follow a company via updates or posts, and customers can post reviews about their experience with a business on Facebook. Because it is widely recognized as the most powerful social network and has the highest number of users, reviews and feedback on Facebook are essential for local businesses.

  1. Yahoo!

Yahoo! A portal website that includes a directory of organized websites in a search engine and category hierarchy. Yahoo! Local is part of the website’s online business directory dedicated to the business listing. Once upon a time, Yahoo and Bing teamed up as part of the Yahoo Bing Network, but their agreement was changed.

Alexa Rank: 5

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free with the given package options

Why businesses should be listed on Yahoo

There are different opinions about how effective local business directory listings are in contrast to the price you pay for the service. My advice? Yahoo! Before you buy the local directory website maybe try searching for a few businesses. If you like what you see, a local business listed here might be worth the investment.

  1. Bing

Bing is a web search engine of Microsoft. Bing Places for Business is a Bing portal where local business owners grow their business by adding a listing for their business to the Bing network.

Alexa Rank: 9

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Bing?

For businesses with a target market in the United States, Bing could be a good option searching for a huge amount of 76.1 million visitors per month. There may be a better chance of getting out of the business by listing them on Bing since fewer people are advertising here than on Google. This is especially true if businesses decide to offer pay-per-click ads on Bing.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a social network and platform for sharing mobile photos and videos. Users can take pictures and videos and share them publicly or privately through the app. They can also use hashtags to appear in popular or special categories.

Alexa Rank: 20

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Instagram?

Whether your business should be listed in the Instagram directory depends on the company’s industry and what kind of products or services they offer. Businesses may or may not spend time creating a profile on Instagram. It’s free but it’s a platform that has strong visual appeal and is not ideal for all businesses (unless they are creative). Instagram is the ideal platform for brands that have a unique product that can be displayed through powerful images.

  1. Twitter

Twitter, if you haven’t heard, is an online social networking service where users send, read and post short messages, also known as “tweets”. Users can tweet messages, links, and pictures to their followers, or use the hashtag # if they want to search by that word or phrase.

Alexa Rank: 22

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Twitter

Local businesses can advertise on Twitter, connect with potential customers, network, tweet about follower sales, and more. However, there is a catch … Twitter, like any other social media platform other than posting an ad, can be a big investment of time to maintain a presence. There are platforms and services that you can use to help maintain a Twitter presence, but compare costs and benefits and see if each business uses it.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website for the business community. Registered members can link to a network of professionally known individuals. It can also be a way to grow your professional network. It has recently become a lead machine for the sales team, so you’ve probably noticed that everyone who asks for a demo asks you to connect.

Alexa Rank: 26

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on LinkedIn?

Depending on the company and the type of product or service, businesses may want to spend time creating a profile on Linkedin. Creating a list is free, and potential applicants and sellers can find the business here. My advice would be to go to the site and look around for similar businesses. If competitors are there, the business should probably follow suit and create a profile. A LinkedIn profile appeals to most businesses in most verticals.

  1. Zillow

Zillow is a real estate and rental listing marketplace that gives consumers data and knowledge to find a home and connects them with local agents who can help them. The site provides home price estimates, notes price changes over time, shows aerial views, and displays comparative home prices in the area. The site has a “Find Agent” local business directory where homeowners can perform a local search for an agent that includes the type of agent and the services required. Users can also review their agents in the Agent Directory.

Alexa Rank: 50

Business Directory Niche: Real Estate

Cost: Provides a free fee for homeowners, agents, and other real estate professionals

Why Real Estate Businesses Should List Zillow?

Zillow is a specialized local business directory for real estate agents. Real estate agents may want to check out the directory, or at least be aware of it. Zillow’s website receives an astonishing 25 million US visitors per month. Zillow’s live database consists of more than 110 million U.S. homes. In 2015, ComScore reported that Zillow, Trulia, and Realtors made up 68% of the online real estate listing website market share.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is a platform (website and app) where users can publish reviews about local businesses. Yelp also trains small businesses on how to respond to reviews, host social events for Yelpers (aka Yelp reviewers), and provide business data, including Health Inspection Scores (

Alexa Rank: 64

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Yelp

Contrary to popular belief, Yelp is not just for restaurant reviews. With 36.3 million unique visitors, the Yelp site sees a large number of local customers. Since a business can list itself for free in Yelp’s local business directory, it’s a good idea to list a business on the site and leave people reviews. Of course, once businesses do this, it’s essential that they handle their Yelp reviews properly. Businesses may conduct reviews on the site themselves, or use software and/or services to help manage feedback. Again, look for software or services that meet business needs and budgets.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a travel website company where users can review places they’ve been to. Users can book rooms, find flights, find things to do, and save tables at participating restaurants. TripAdvisor operates websites internationally in more than 25 countries.

Alexa Rank: 118

Business Directory Niche: Travel

Cost: Free for business

Why businesses should be listed on TripAdvisor?

Since TripAdvisor is a travel site, this site makes the most sense to list a local business if they are a hotel (motel and bed and breakfast, as well), vacation rental property, restaurant, or local attraction/destination. To list a business in the local directory of TripAdvisor, there are specific requirements in each section of the site. If a business meets the requirements and a hotel/leisure property is rented / local attractions and the cost of the site is understandable to them, this makes it a good option to consider the size of the site’s visitors and traffic. Of course, being listed on TripAdvisor means businesses are exposing themselves to reviews and should know how to respond to feedback and reviews appropriately.

  1. Realtor is the official consumer website of the National Association of Realtors. Powered by Move, Inc., aims to provide all applicable parties buyers, sellers, and tenants with the right tools to buy/sell a home.

Alexa Rank: 130

Business Directory Niche: Real Estate

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed as realtors?

This website is niche-specific and essential for realtors and homeowners, but one site can definitely avoid another vertical. is affiliated with about 800 listing services and is constantly updating its listings. Realtors have a wealth of resources for buyers and sellers, including why you should have a realtor, your first home purchase tips, mortgage calculators, and a variety of other securities.

  1. Redfin

Redfin has a powerful platform for homebuyers to buy, sell and find local agents in their area. As the # 1 brokerage review website in the United States, agents can reach 3 times more buyers than using traditional methods.

Alexa Rank: 260

Business Directory Niche: Real Estate

Cost: Communication

Why businesses should be listed on Redfin?

Redfin is an essential site for listing realtors and agents. To be partnered with Redfin to be listed in their directory, agents must contact and apply.

  1. Trulia

Trulia is one of the largest real estate vertical websites for buying and selling homes, and also boasts a paid directory for agents and brokers. Trulia allows agents to post lists and chat with interested buyers and clients through their platform.

Alexa Rank: 277

Directory niche: Real Estate

Cost: Agents and brokers pay a fee

Why businesses should be listed in Trulia?

Trulia connects real estate agents and brokers with 51 million+ home buyers and sellers through their online business directory. They’re proud that 70% of users are serious about buying or selling a home in the next year, and they’ve been featured by big, reputable publications.

  1. Cars

One of the leading sites for car automotive customers. They aim to help customers research new and used vehicles, as well as find reputable service and repair providers. Users can leave reviews about specific builds and models. Users can search through an online business directory of dealerships and service centers on the “Find Service Centers and Dealers” tab on the site’s home page.

Alexa Rank: 333

Business Directory Niche: Autonomous

Cost: Contact a sales representative

Why business cars should be listed?

As a specialized online business directory site for dealerships and auto services and repairs, cars are essential for companies in the automotive space. Launched in 1998, Cars was previously owned by Classified Ventures, LLC a joint venture between Gannett, The McClatchy Company, Tribune, Graham Holdings, and AH Bello. In 2014, Gannett bought shares worth 2.5 2.5 billion that it did not already own About 80% of the car audience is currently in the market for a car the auto dealers listed here are actively looking for a car purchase (

  1. Autotrader

AutoTrader is an online marketplace for car buyers and sellers. The site brings together millions of new, used, and certified second-hand from thousands of dealers and private vendors. Users can find a list of dealers in the site’s dealership directory, as well as vehicle purchases, sales, and research.

Alexa Rank: 337

Business Directory Niche: Autonomous

Cost: Given package options, costs vary

Why businesses should be listed in AutoTrader?

If you are in the vehicle buying and selling industry, Autotrader is a great place. provides dealerships with a list of highly trafficked, well-known, and relevant websites.

  1. White leaves

Whitepages is often used to find someone’s address or to determine where an unknown call came from. It claims to be the largest directory database of contact information for residents of the United States and Canada. Users can search for businesses on the website from their Business Directory tab or in the Yellow Pages section of the website.

Alexa Rank: 346

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on the WhitePage?

Whitepages is still widely mentioned by customers looking for local business data. The free portion of the site is for individuals only, but premium or pro plans provide businesses with customer verification.

It takes a few clicks to get to the Yellow Pages section, specifically for the Online Business Directory section of the site. If a listing appears on both the yellow page and the home page when searching the Business tab, creating a business listing here may be a good option. Since you can sign up for a free business listing, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it – over two million users in the United States are using it for local search. Waiting 60 days for their local directory to be listed can be a hassle, but if businesses can’t afford a plan or use their marketing budget elsewhere, it’s worth the free power wait.

  1. Doordash

DoorDash is one of the delivery websites and apps that is changing the game of restaurants. Upload your menu and order customers through the website or app. No delivery person? No problem. DoorDash has a team of drivers who handle pick-ups and drop-offs.

Alexa Rank: 411

Business Directory Niche: Food

Cost: Free to sign up, but Doordash earns a commission on each order, as well as any additional advertising in the restaurant app

Why businesses should be listed on Doordash?

DoorDash has reached 80% of American consumers, allowing both chain and locally-owned restaurants to reach new customers with less effort. Available in over 400 cities, DoorDash brings new customers to 25-mile radius restaurants, allowing you to gain 60% net on growing orders.

  1. GrubHub

GrubHub is another popular website and app for food delivery and pick-up. Customers type in their address and are shown a list of restaurants from local favorites to chains that will deliver to them. They can search by the restaurant, type of cuisine, and even specific menu items. Restaurants have the option to use GrubHub’s drivers or their own staff.

Alexa Rank: 456

Business Directory Niche: Food

Cost: Free to sign up, but Grubhub earns a commission on each order in addition to the delivery fee if required.

Why businesses should be listed on GrubHub?

Signing up for GrubHub means getting more orders – an average of 20% more and up to 6 times the monthly takeout revenue compared to restaurants, not on GrubHub. GrubHub also offers marketing opportunities, allowing restaurants to send loyal dinner coupons and emails. GrubHub also has an order button that can be used with any restaurant’s existing website.

  1. Houzz

Houzz is a website for everything related to the home (including interior design, landscaping, and home improvement) that features an online community and online business directory for businesses with related services such as contractors, interior designers, and architects.

Alexa Rank: 474

Business Directory Nish: Real Estate/Home Services

Cost: Free with the given package options

Why Business Houzz Should Be Listed?

Houzz is one of the most popular home improvement websites and a one-stop destination for homeowners to get ideas, information and find contractors to work on their homes. This is a special online business directory for contractors, so if the business wants to target customers who are homeowners, undergoing renovations, and actively looking to hire local businesses, Houzz is the right place to target them. If customers can get a free listing for a reputable site of a business, it will increase online visibility and ranking in search engines.

  1. Edmunds

The Edmunds website includes a price list of new and used vehicles, a database of incentives and discounts, dealership and inventory lists, vehicle reviews, dealer reviews, and advice on car purchase and ownership. The dealer section of the site contains resources for dealerships, including equipment, an industrial center, and dealer asset articles.

Alexa Rank: 523

Business Directory Niche: Autonomous

Cost: Uncertain

Why Business Edmunds Should Be Listed?

Even if dealerships do not add their business listings to Edmonds’ online business directory, customers are reviewing them and may leave feedback without their knowledge. If they say bad things, then businesses are missing out on the opportunity to restore customer confidence and redeem their online reputation. Businesses that are receiving great feedback are excluded from knowing and sharing positive customer experiences with others. Edmunds said their dealer review pages have been notified and the results are available on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The niche-specific site users pay more attention to the site for dealerships seeking to increase their presence in local searches.

  1. MapQuest

Founded as a cartographic service in 1967, MapQuest has a history that transitions from traditional to digital media. The company was acquired by AOL in 1999 and then by Verizon in 2015. This is a mapping site where users can get directions for their route or search for hotels, food, gas, coffee, groceries, parking, bars, post office, and much more.

Alexa Rank: 527

Business Directory Niche: Map

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on MapQuest?

Although MapQuest has shared with dozens of competitors from almost all online mapping markets (Google Maps is the obvious Goliath), they are still a highly cited and relevant site. AOL bought MapQuest for more than 1 billion in 1999, and in 2015, Verizon bought the company almost four times that amount, making it a worthy directory to consider listing your business for obsolete and local search.


  1. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is designed to help you find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities that you can trust ( Based on a consumer rating system, BBB educates consumers and helps people find trusted businesses. Better Business Bureau is designed to protect consumers from fraudulent businesses or scammers.

Alexa Rank: 647

Business Directory Niche: Business

Cost: Free and paid package options

Why businesses should be listed on BBB?

BBB has a long history, has a lot of traffic, and can offer succulent ROI. For those who decide to go to the recognized list, the site calculator calculates the potential ROI. For example, a newly recognized business (with 1-10 employees) realizes within the first 12 months that the average return on investment in BBB products, services, and marketing is $ 1,846 to gain more customers. Typically, BBB-recognized businesses see their return on investment within the first four months of recognition.

  1. Yellowpage

YellowPages is an online business directory owned by YP. YP is a local marketing solutions provider that focuses on helping local businesses grow. YP was launched in May 2012 and is the result of a combination of AT&T Interactive and AT&T advertising solutions. YP’s offers include their YP? app,, and The Real Yellow Pages directory.

Alexa Rank: 559

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free

Why businesses should be listed on Yellowpage

Since YellowPages is free, it doesn’t hurt to make sure a business local listing information is up to date and claim free basic business listings in their online business directory. Yellowpages attract a high amount of US local search users so it takes time to get a free account. Depending on what you get for an extended listing, you may want to find out the prices if it is an online business directory used by many local search customers in the area.

  1. Opentable

OpenTable is an online real-time restaurant reservation service, and works with more than 32,000 restaurants worldwide, serving over 16 million dinners per month. OpenTable can not only host business listings but also collect reviews from customers who have eaten at restaurants and built their online reputation.

Alexa Rank: 775

Business Directory Niche: Food & Restaurant

Cost: $ 199 / month

Why businesses should be listed on the open table?

Every month, Openable Diners writes over 450,000 restaurant reviews, which means a lot of feedback, traffic, and mentions for restaurant owners. The site has an ROI calculator where you can see how much OpenTable can bring in extra income through extra diners.

  1. Manta

Manta is an online business directory and search engine that provides information to small businesses on the network. The directory helps small businesses connect and grow through their communities where users can buy, share and connect with companies.

Alexa Rank: 957

Business Directory: General

Cost: Free with the given package options

Why business recognition should be listed?

Mantar’s online business directory creates a lot of volumes, which is hard to lose, especially when you can create a basic business listing for free. For small businesses looking for networks, Manta can be an added bonus. The common theme among well-known and ranked online business directories is that listing any company can improve local visibility and give customers another way to find businesses through local search.

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