List of top 10 online real estate directories

List of top 10 online real estate directories

top 10 real state business directories

  1. Zillow

Launched in 2006, Zillow is a market-leading real estate and rental marketplace for consumers looking to either buy, rent, sell, buy mortgages, or agents. Zillow has also been facilitated for the user experience, providing easy-to-use search, extensive agent functionality, and great mobile friendliness.

Alexa Rank: 41

Moz Domain Authority: 91

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why Real Estate Businesses Should List Zillow?

Zillow is a local business directory for real estate agents. With a database of 25 million U.S. visitors a month and more than 110 million homes a month, Zillow has become an industry standard for real estate listings. In fact, a 2016 Statista report showed that Zillow, And accounts for 48.1% of the entire real estate web market based on user traffic. If you are a real estate agent or agency, you need to take advantage of these important platforms.

But there is more. Zillow also has “Jestimet”, which uses proprietary technology to estimate the value of a home. Naturally, this is not an official assessment, but it provides a strong starting point for real estate professionals who are looking to quickly determine the market value of a home or property.

  1. Realtor is the official consumer website of the National Association of Realtors and one of the pioneers of the digital real estate space. Whether you are in the market for a house, land, or rent, this site is a must.

It could be argued that the site’s emphasis on real estate performance should make it number one on this list, but I couldn’t do that with Alexa.

Alexa Rank: 161

Moz Domain Authority: 69

Cost: Free

Why real estate businesses should be listed on

With costs out of the equation and an emphasis on building connections between buyers and realtors, is an obvious choice. Complement it with the 800+ listing services associated with and the fact that the site users using realtors are bound by the National Association of Realtors (NAR’s) Code of Ethics, and you have one hour of a platform – unless you are an unethical owner. Don’t be.

In terms of core functionality, enables users to get a detailed overview of the local real estate market, analyze market trends, discover the top realtors in the market (hopefully one of them;), access a mortgage calculator and a suite of others. User service.

  1. Trulia

“Our goal is to build a more neighboring world.”

News Trulia has become popular for its ability to go beyond the general list of platforms to gather insights from the surrounding area and community so that shoppers can be more confident in their purchases.

Alexa Rank: 220

Moz Domain Authority: 88

Cost: A free fee for homeowners, agents, and brokers

Why Real Estate Business Should Be Listed In Trulia?

Trulia Digital Real Estate Directory is another one that can be considered as the “Big 3” of the market. With market exposure to 51 million serious home buyers and sellers and 70% of those same users buying or selling annually: Trulia is a great partner for those in the real estate business.

In addition, Trulia offers a paid directory for the convenience of agents and brokers, as well as a built-in chat functionality so that agents and potential buyers can connect directly.

  1. Loopnet

Owned by data giant CoStar, LoopNet is a more specialized real estate web platform that focuses on the commercial real estate market. If you are buying or selling property in the office, industrial or retail market, Lupnet should be one of your first stops.

Alexa Rank: 944

Moz Domain Authority: 73

Cost: Pay per list structure starting from 69.95 / month for a premium listing


Why real estate business should be listed in Loopnet?

With 5 million unique monthly visits and a total of 425 billion properties sold with 500,000 available listings – I can think of about 425 billion reasons why agents and agencies need to use this platform.

HD video creation studio, email campaign functionality, digital flyers and brochure creation capabilities, custom property sites, and CoStar fueled data analytics; Investigators can really feel the property you’re selling. Vendors have access to powerful promotional tools in Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Premium level systems.

  1. Hotpads

Acquired by the Zillow Group, the hot pads are like the Trulier hip, a new-age version of this list (just look at the name). Much like its predecessors, HotPads is a database of residential properties for sale and rent. The platform gets things a bit more creative in the way they score different features based on their freshness and the number of images. Also, multi-level filter functionality allows searchers to easily compress their search.

Alexa Rank: 1,691

Moz Domain Authority: 66

Cost: Free

Why Real Estate Businesses Should List HotPads?

As an agent, HotPads gives you a unique opportunity to apply to a young target market. With powerful Google Maps-based home and apartment search capabilities, Hotpad is the best place to list properties in urban centers across the United States.

  1. Homes was created with the vision that it could be a complete end-to-end platform for property buyers and sellers to communicate. From search and research to contacting a mortgage broker for financing, to finding the perfect agent to facilitate a transaction: is a one-stop-shop.

Alexa Rank: 3,176

Moz Domain Authority: 80

Cost: Free to use with the paid advertising options

Why real estate businesses should be listed on

854,027 real estate agents are already listed on this site. With the ability to create vendor profiles and combine all properties for sale, realtors can be easily found and communicated with potential people in their local market. Oh, and the 3 million listings that are currently live on are nothing short of ridiculous. With intelligent payment calculators, a “home value” search function, and new tools like “Snap & Search”, your listings can be found in virtually every possible way.

This platform offers competitive pricing for agents and brokers who want to run paid ads. With a variety of options, such as “local connection”, prospects can reach out directly to you to answer key questions and guide them toward the perfect purchase for their needs.

  1. Movoto

In a fashion similar to Trulia’s, Movoto is a platform that offers more than just a listing service. Providing additional population information, including nearby schools, neighborhood insights, and market trends, the platform creates an overall picture of each listing.

Alexa Rank: 3,938

Moz Domain Authority: 72

Cost: Movoto agent certification required

Why real estate business should be listed in Movoto?

Movoto is a platform designed with real estate agents in mind. Their mandate is to “provide unparalleled technology, lead generation, and marketing support to agents and brokers, as well as provide the most comprehensive search and market research technology to home buyers and sellers.”

After already helping 100 million people search homes, and facilitating 31,000 property sales, Movoto is fast becoming a leader in the real estate technology sector. Unlike the Golden State Warriors, this is a bandwagon that you must jump on.

  1. Landwatch

For urban centers, this list emphasizes a wide range of services, but if you want to buy/sell property in the rural market, Landwatch is a platform for you. LandWatch also has services designed specifically for auctions and developers.

Alexa Rank: 5,243

Moz Domain Authority: 59

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why Real Estate Business LandWatch Should Be Listed?

As an online leader for rural property such as hunting lands, timberlands, farms, farms, development sites, or other rural investment purposes; LandWatch is a must if you are selling in a rural market in the United States.

  1. Landflip

Since 2004, Landflip has become one of the most popular land marketing platforms on the web, biting its competitors at the top. With the launch of the “Landflip Network”, Landflip has been designed with a true marketplace mindset, consisting of sections related to each of its core services market, such as,, etc.

Alexa Rank: 43,552

Moz Domain Authority: 53

Cost: Free for buyers, 3 subscription levels to list users

Why real estate business should be listed in Landflip?

Although Landflip has not yet gained the same recognition as Landwatch, this up-and-coming has a very friendly user interface and is sure to be a major market holder in the years to come.

LANDFLIP boasts a much more competitive pricing structure than its predecessors which is a great opportunity for agents and agencies who do not want to break the bank on their list.

  1. Home and land

Originally founded as a magazine, Homes & Land has grown and diversified from its roots into a complete platform for buyers, sellers, and agents. Although the magazine survives alongside the site’s RealTips functionality for a home consultation, the site’s core functionality has shifted to the real estate list.

Alexa Rank: 44,258

Moz Domain Authority: 69

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why real estate businesses should list homes and land?

As the world’s first company to post property listings on the web, these people know a thing or two about real estate marketing. Homes & Land Dealer Performance is designed for agents to do four things: create leads, win listings, influence vendors, and build personal brands.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Holmes and Land is the ability to leverage syndication services to feature your lists in major publications such as the New York Times and The Washington Post. This list distribution has generated a combined 150 million unique visitors for home and land agents over the years.

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